Mercier Art Glass Frames are based on the Venetian Mirrors. Hand Painted from the reverse of the glass by skill Artisans from Peru. Wood based, the glass is painted with wonderful colors and enhanced with the glass reflection, making the frame exceptional.

This legacy has been used in Peru for decades, especially in a region called Cajamarca, land of fantastic Artisans that works with Textiles, Stones, wood and also Leather which House of Mercier leather frames, well known line of custom framing in the country.

Styles from traditional to contemporary ,the elegance, beauty, and durability of our hand painted glass collections are uncompromising. The Hand Painted Glass frames are made with Peruvian craftsmanship that is vastly becoming appreciated by discerning collectors.

MERCIER Art Glass Frames designs are exclusive and unique. The foundation of the designs is English, French and Spanish to which a well-regarded group of leather specialist designers add their own concepts. MERCIER works in standard sizes actually used by the American market.

MERCIER Art Glass Frames are now available in the best framers around your area.